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When standard solutions are not enough choose lab51 as your software house

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When the ready-to-use software is not enough, then a project designed to your own needs is necessary

In this specific context, we could compare designing a software to constructing a building. You can always choose a ready-made house, adapting your needs to the existing project. Or you can choose to adapt the project to your own needs.

We design customized software, becoming full-fledged partners of our clients, not just suppliers.

The development of a customized software follows some essential steps

How we do it

Project analysis

We discuss, we study and analyze the specific case and needs, we offer possible solutions and we choose the best one together. To analyze does not only mean to exchange information, but to begin a collaboration path through which we analyze the data flow and we choose the project’s guidelines together.

This is not only about analyzing the sales interface. It is about studying and validating the model of the whole management chain. At this stage, a period of discussion between the different roles of the corporate structure can take place.


Software designing stage

Based on the results of the analysis stage, we plan the software infrastructure. A software, like a building, must be engineered in order to be well-built.

We choose the technologies which suit best, we assign the project to the right professionals and we rationalize the different aspects of the project by writing and drawing functioning and application schemes. Interaction design studies belong to this phase. This fascinating discipline focuses on the interaction between human beings and machines, with the aim of optimizing the navigation flow to its maximum and making the search of information easier.


Software creation stage

Right after the guidelines are decided, the team who will follow the development of the project is identified. The working process is divided into phases by following agile software development practices and methodologies.

Every phase provides for a moment of discussion between our clients and partners through which the achievements are evaluated and changes are made. We have the ability to interact with existing enterprise resource planning software, sharing data and assuring integrity.

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