linea verde Artificial Intelligencelinea verde

To sense, to understand, to act and to learn

What Artificial Intelligence is
intelligenza artificiale

It refers to technologies - from Machine Learning to Natural Language Processing - which allow us to sense, to understand, to act and to learn

Nowadays, (and probably for a long time) intelligent systems substantially need human beings in order to be created, developed and to evolve over time.

We do not build sandcastles, we promptly inform our partners that the creation of intelligent systems and their training (yes, intelligent systems need to learn too) often form part of a structured process.

Nevertheless, the opportunities brought by Artificial Intelligence are remarkable and often, by splitting the scenario into micro activities, it is possible to build systems with great potential step by step. In our everyday activities we also dedicate our time to research and development on this theme.

Artificial Intelligence applications are countless and range over multiple sectors

We coordinate the whole process
data analysis

Data Analysis

To extract information aggregated to one or more databases of significant dimensions, automatically learning how to improve data mining and the analysis processes based on the new data that are being collected.

sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis

To identify opinions starting from a written text in order to comprehend, for example, whether the writer is expressing a positive or a negative opinion.

natural language processing

Natural Language Processing

To comprehend the spoken or written language in order to reconstruct the author’s aim. This mechanism is at the basis of virtual assistants and chatbots, that thanks to Artificial Intelligence techniques connect a phrase to its specific aim, giving the right answer.

video analytics

Video Analytics

Extracting information from videos is a rapidly expanding trend in the Artificial Intelligence field. Self-driving cars are an example of this, as they must recognize the surrounding area on a real time basis. In the retail industry, video analytics can provide information about consumers’ movement patterns when they are inside a shopping space and it can be used to analyze (according to the privacy legislation) the micro-facial expressions in order to detect the consumers’ appreciation rate.

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