Our operating process​

6 fundamental phases

Essential to offer you a structured path that moves in an agile way,
flexible and strategically aware towards achieving your goals

Phase 1

Let's get in touch

After filling out the form on this page, we will examine your request and get in touch with you to plan an initial meeting in person or via webcall.

Phase 2

We listen to your needs

We offer a free consultation to understand your company’s needs.
Let’s think together about specific solutions and present you the intervention plan.
In a few days we will provide you with an estimate of times and costs. Then, if you agree, we will proceed with the detailed analysis.

Phase 3

Detailed analysis

Using the data available, we analyze your case, identify the most suitable technologies, define the times and professional figures to be involved.
We offer you various solutions for the complete management of the supply chain and we choose the best one together.

Phase 4


We design the infrastructure using agile methodologies and operating schemes to simplify the use of the software. We verify the results at every stage and can interact with existing management software to share data and maintain integrity.

Phase 5

Release and launch of the prototype

We release a prototype version of the software and following your analysis, we make any necessary corrections.
Once the product is completed, the infrastructure is published!

Phase 6

Training and assistance

We help you introduce the software into the company, taking care of the training of the staff involved.
We follow ordinary maintenance and the development of new features, making the software grow with you over time.

The preliminary analysis is what puts us
in the best conditions to understand your needs.

Let's start from here!

lab51 provides its services to medium and large enterprises.
It’s certainly important for you to know if you’re in the right place and if we can collaborate in an optimal way.
The information requested will allow us to optimize our consultations to the fullest.


We will contact you and organize an initial meeting according to your preferences


We listen to your needs and start the analysis phase. We will explain the intervention plan to you, reasoning together about specific solutions.


In a few days you will receive our evaluation with an indicative estimate of times and costs. Upon your OK we will move on to the detailed analysis and subsequent phases.


Fill out the form to get in touch with our team
and obtain a preliminary assessment tailored to your needs.

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