Scan, Chat, Go!

By reading a QR code, a chat system
is activated capable of:

Provide information to the consumer

Obtain information related to production
and history of the manufacturing company

Share personalized promotions

Involve the consumer through surveys
on products and services

Manage customer satisfaction

Activate upselling mechanisms

It integrates easily with:​

Centralized printing systems
Third part software
Cash register
Intuitive dashboard

A simple to use dashboard, thanks to which you can observe the “conversations” carried out on the system and the results of the surveys presented to the consumer in real time. Furthermore, Q-Review is compatible with the latest privacy regulations and GDPR.

Let’s evaluate together which solution is best suited to your needs

Designed for different sectors

GDO & Retail

By printing the QR on the receipts you can carry out market research and activate targeted promotional initiatives.

Hotels and accommodation facilities

By positioning the QR inside accommodation facilities it is possible to provide information and activate upselling mechanisms during the guests' stay.

Manufacturing companies

Associating a QR code with the product can reveal the consumer's satisfaction rating and provide detailed information.

Public services

The QR code can activate a chat where the company can send information and services to the consumer and carry out customer satisfaction actions for its users.
Simplifying IT
for a complex world.
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