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A unique lab51 product which gives you a new viewpoint on your business.

Increase your customers’ engagement in a fast and easy way by giving them useful information.

A QR code scan starts a chat system which can:

Provide information to the consumer, such as the product’s sheets, its nutritional values, information about its production chain and the history of the company.

Engage consumers through surveys: asking questions to the consumers makes it possible to obtain information that would be hard to get elsewhere.

Inform and engage consumers
Informa e coinvolgi

Q-Review can be integrated to centralized printing systems, cash registers, third-parties software

Thanks to its super easy-to-use dashboard, the service owners are able to monitor the “conversations” made by the tool and analyze the surveys’ results in real time. Q-Review follows the latest privacy and GDPR legislation.

Q-Review adapts to every need, discover how it adapts to yours

MMR (mass-market retailers) and retail: By printing QR codes on receipts you can create surveys for consumers and develop highly focused discounts. In fact, it is possible to convert the same QR code into a discount code at the end of the survey, which can be used on the next purchase (and can be costumed on the given answers).

Hotels and tourist accommodations: the QR code is used as an activator, an enabler. By placing a QR code inside the hotel rooms or tourist accommodations, guests can provide information which start upselling mechanisms during their stay.

Manufacturing companies: a QR code associated with a specific product allows the company to investigate the consumers' satisfaction and to provide them focused information.

Public services: Through a QR code you can start a conversation via chat where you can provide information and services or activate specific mechanisms to improve the customer satisfaction.

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