By reading an NFC tag, you can reach a chat system which provides information, checks the products’ authenticity and their distribution channels. Through an easy-to-use dashboard the holders of the NFChat service are able to see the system’s “conversations” and its use-related data and statistics in real-time. NFChat follows the latest privacy and GDPR legislation.

NFChat application fields:

Brand and product protection: by placing the NFC tag on a product it is possible to ensure its authenticity.

Supply chain traceability: With the subsequent NFC tag scans, it is possible to give information about the tracking of the product and all its transfers, from the producer to the final buyer.

Manufacturing companies: A QR code associated with a specific product allows the manufacturing company to detect the consumer’s satisfaction and to provide them relevant information.

Product sheet and “digital wallet”: By reading a NFC tag you can get information about a specific product, check its warranty and get customer support services.

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