Smartly check the authenticity of products and the distribution chain!​

Areas of application of NFCHAT​

Protection of brands and products

The application of the NFC TAG to the product guarantees its authenticity.

Manufacturing companies

An NFC tag associated with products or components can allow the detection of supply chain steps and the authenticity of the product, providing precise and certified information.

Supply chain tracking

Through subsequent readings of the TAG it is possible to provide information on all its movements, from the producer to the consumer.

Product sheet and digital wallet

By reading an NFC TAG it is possible to obtain information on a specific product, verify its warranty and obtain assistance.

Intuitive dashboard

Through a simple to use dashboard, owners of the NFChat service are able to see in real time all the “conversations” carried out on the system as well as general usage statistics. NFChat is compatible with the latest privacy regulations and GDPR.

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Versatile and Smart

Brand and product protection

By applying NFC TAG to the product it is possible to guarantee its authenticity.

Supply Chain Tracking

Through successive readings of the TAG, it's possible to provide information about all its movements, from the manufacturer to the consumer.

Technical Support

Associating an NFC code with the product can allow B2B customers to access technical information about assembly or usage.

Product Information and Digital Wallet

Through the reading of an NFC tag, it's possible to obtain information about a specific product, verify its warranty, and obtain assistance.
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