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A selection of questions that are frequently submitted by our clients,
which we share to provide you with quick clarification.

Often, off-the-shelf software doesn’t allow you to manage processes exactly as your company would like. In this case, you can either adapt your company to the software and change your working method, or you can create a tailor-made product that allows you to do what you want, exactly the way you want.

Custom software also has no licensing fees.

The skills of our team are very broad and cover all aspects of applying computer technologies to various business operational areas. We dedicate a lot of time to continuous training, which allows us to stay updated and offer you the most innovative technological choices.

We have adapted our very effective method for managing internal processes and key steps: a detailed and flexible roadmap to respond correctly to the different needs of each company that comes to us, even in terms of time.

To provide an accurate answer, we need to estimate the time required based on the type and complexity of the project. Please take a detailed look at our Operating Process for further information.

According to this type of approach which is based on the Agile Method, the customer is always an integral part of the development team, which is why we create a direct relationship with constant updates and moments of approval of the progress. We can also take care of basic maintenance of legacy systems until the new software is completed.

Certainly. We use automated tests that are written before developing the software, and additionally, at the end of the project, we conduct what are technically referred to as “UAT” (User Acceptance Tests), during which testers – real people – ensure that each functionality performs as intended.

The software we develop comes with a 12-month guarantee against any bugs. In addition to this, we offer basic maintenance packages and, more commonly, multi-year agreements for evolutionary maintenance.

We always respond with honesty and clarity: not always.

It requires an analysis process to study its feasibility. The possibility of integration often depends on how the code was written, the presence of documentation, and the availability of the people who developed it. Each situation has its own peculiarities, which is why we always invite you to an initial meeting with one of our experts.

We have made a deliberate choice to meet this increasingly common need: we often use the Flutter framework and leverage the advantage of cross-platform development, allowing us to create apps for various platforms including iOS and Android using a single codebase. You will get a solution that is quick and extremely efficient.
However, if the characteristics of your project or your preferences lead us towards native development with separate codebases, there will be no problem; we also handle that. You can delve deeper into the topic in this dedicated section.

We have an ethical and responsible approach and are fully capable of working independently. However, we do not impose restrictions if it is beneficial to collaborate with third-party companies (for example, with software vendors, to integrate systems).

What we particularly care about is that there will be no intermediaries for the work carried out by us: we will always be your only interlocutor to guarantee your company an experience of continuity and coherence in interactions and constant support.

Data security is a fundamental aspect for us, we only choose cloud hosting solutions that use high security standards and provide advanced services for infrastructure protection. Our choice is usually AWS, of which we are a partner, but if you want to use another service (for example Azure or Google Cloud) it will not be a problem. As regards privacy, we adopt privacy by design principles which make our solutions fully compatible with the GDPR legislation.

As regards customized software, the source code and related intellectual property are transferred entirely to the customer, who therefore becomes the owner of the software in all respects, thus making it a real company asset.

We are very organized in managing our time and the agreements made with our clients, so we always have the opportunity to give you a realistic indication of the start and management times of the different phases. Generally the waiting time for the start of work is around 30 days, but it also varies depending on the size of your project, which will be defined in the advanced analysis phase.

It is important for us to receive your textual – and not necessarily technical – description of the software’s functionality.

To give some examples:

  • What types of users will use the solution created and for what?
  • Is it a web platform?
  • Must it be “responsive” and therefore also usable from mobile devices?
  • Is it an APP instead?
  • Approximately how much data and how many users will it have to manage?

These are the main questions that allow us to give you a first indication of times and costs. If you already have a project document, even better, it’s exactly what we need and you can send it to us via this form.


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