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The best software for your company is the one designed together with those who know it best. TU.

We take care of every phase, creating successful projects


Warehouse Management System

To have full control of your warehouse or distribution center operations.
More efficient inventory management, intelligent coordination of: receiving, storage, goods picking, and route optimization.
Real-time information on product location and availability. Maximum optimization to reduce errors and increase productivity.


Manufacturing Execution System

Automate and strategically interconnect every machine in your company.
We leverage Artificial Intelligence to implement tailored predictive maintenance systems, capable of anticipating malfunctions, minimizing machine downtime, human errors, and enhancing production quality, consequently boosting the overall performance of your industrial workspace.


Enterprise Resource Planning

You will no longer have to adapt to a standardized system that may not fully meet your needs.
We adopt new ERP technologies tailored to your company and based on Cloud, AI, mobile APP and IoT to offer you the best experience of mobility, flexibility, integration and intelligent automation.


Customer Relationship Management

We design a unique system that is extremely flexible, scalable and simply integrates with your existing business systems and applications, such as your ERP or order management systems or other critical software. We will study the functions expressly necessary according to your activities.

Can custom software really be the right solution for your business?

In the event that a tailor-made design is not the most suitable solution for your case, we will be the first to tell you!

For us this transparency is very important, since it is what we base every relationship of trust with our customers on to create an honest and lasting relationship.

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